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Front or Rear Fender Bags

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These Fender Bags we have designed as an alternative
to the Tank Bags. The Fender Bags come with
straps which go around the bar on the front, or back rack and they also
come with the Velcro receptive and Velcro strip on the back
of the bags. One side has the bottle holder and the other has the
extra zippered compartment. Both sides have the large zippered
compartment with double pull zippers. They are 9"H x 7"W

Forest Green (Dark Green)

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Hunter Orange



Comes in Green Camo, Dark Green, Orange, Yellow,  Red,  Black, Blue, Olive Green, 
Mossy Oak, Hunter Orange.
All Items are constructed of Heavy wt. Polyduck Fabric.

Made in the USA

We do offer these Fender Bags with a 1/4" foam pad on fender side  They are $5.00 more.

These bags can be customized with a pistol
or a GPS pouch inside the fender bag. Please
call the toll free number for the info and pricing.

ZAH20   $ 25.99 set of two





ZAH25  $29.99 with foam liner, set of two






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